We are SpeakUp.

A small group of Kiwi Indian, Fiji Indian, Indian guys and gals wanting to make a change in the Indian community. We want to celebrate and share our culture, we want to wear it with pride!

However, things like family violence, sexual abuse, mental health, relationships and consent, and sexual education are just a few of the topics that our community struggles to talk about.

We want to change that. How do we do that? With all of you.

We want to encourage those awkward conversations and talk about uncomfortable truths. We want to hear what you have to say, and work towards a happier, healthier future for our Indian community.

There are too many survivors of abuse within our community, and we have been silenced for too long. This is a space for you to speak up and feel heard, without judgement, so that every one of you can embrace the whole you. Celebrate our culture, without the crappy bits (you know the bits we’re talking about).

We’ve made this website as a tool for you to find resources on those ‘hard-to-discuss’ topics, and links to useful websites. Support services in the Wellington region are also located here to help you find the help you need.

We also understand that sometimes other people don’t understand the cultural differences that we face, or that prevent us from getting help – that’s why we’re here. We are working hard to make sure that there is a voice for us.

We are here to Speak up for everyone who has been told to “be quiet”, to “just let it go”, “you shouldn’t have been wearing that”, “you were asking for it”, “for being too lippy”.

We’re here to help you be your most bad-ass self.

To help you SpeakUp.

Why SpeakUp?

After finally recovering from severe mental distress stemming from sexual abuse, our founder Ashley began her journey to reclaim her identity, reclaim her body, and find meaning in her suffering.

She realized that she had the power to speak up about her experiences, to empower others within the Indian community to speak up about their experiences, to be heard in order to change the way our community views family violence, sexual abuse, mental health, relationships and consent and sexual education, and to get help to those who are suffering silently, or don’t know how to get help.

Currently we have a peer support group for survivors of sexual abuse running monthly.

We want your ideas and feedback. We are after all, your voice.